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Sales, Rental & Service Center Lexmark Colour or B&W Printer & MFP

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TTIV is the leading solution provider and system integrator in the field of information and communications technologies. Base on our long-experiment and technological strength, we are permitted as the official solution -product supplier together with the SERVICE CENTER for Lexmark in Vietnam.
We SELL and RENTAL a broad range of Lexmark printer like :
– Monochrome and color laser printers, Laser multifunction products,
– Inkjet all-in-one devices,
– Cartridges and services-solutions including maintenance, consulting and systems integration.
Simultaneously, our company also provide enterprise content management software products, including ImageNow document management, document imaging and workflow suite that allows users to capture, process and collaborate on important documents and information, protect data integrity throughout its life cycle, and access precise content; and industry specific workflow solutions for the healthcare, higher education, government, and financial services industries, as well as for back office functions, including accounting, human resources,contracts,and records.

Printers and MFPs

  1. Mono chrome Laser Printers
    – Black and white on paper
    – Only Printing
  2. Mono chrome Laser Multifunction (MFPs)
    – Black and white on paper
    – Scan/Print/Copy/Fax
  3. Color Laser Printers
    – Color on paper
    – Only Printing
  4. Color Laser Multifunction (MFPs)
    – Color on paper
    – Scan/Print/Copy/Fax

Sustainability Benefits with the Right Features


  • Built-in duplex
  • Multi-up printing
  • Eco-friendly papers
  • New Eco-Copy
  • Print Preview
  • Proof Then Print
  • Secure Print Release
  • Eco-Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • USB Direct

AP Project Management

Lexmark Services Delivery Team

  • Planning
  • People
  • Processes
  • System
  • Execution
  1. Site Discovery
  2. Future State Proposal (validated)
  3. Acceptance of Proposal
  4. Change Management
  5. Phased Implementation (3-6 months)
  6. Six months transition from Lexmark
    Account to Service Support Team
  7. Continuous Monitoring & Performance fine-tuning

Change Management

Lexmark can help to create a Change Management Strategy that addresses the levers of change by planning with customer.

Key issues to address:

  • Understand cultural issues that affect an enterprise output strategy
  • Unwillingness to believe in the new change and perform new duties
  • Lack of ability to perform in new environment and thus adopt the change
  • Lack of knowledge about the change and why it is happening

Lexmark can help to facilitate:

  • Change Management Workshop
  • Development of an Action Plan
  • Development of a Communication Plan

Addressing your challenges with Lexmark MPS

Summary of Lexmark MPS

  • Improved response time & accuracy
  • Increased reliability & uptime
  • Savings through bulk purchasing of HW & consumables.
  • Reduction of maintenance overhead
  • Reduce time & issue for supporting multiple printers drivers – Single Universal Drivers.
  • Detailed information regarding print usage and habits can be used to make more informed decisions
  • Scalability for future expansion of customer business

Why Lexmark?

  • Global experience in Optimizing Environments
  • Lexmark helps you to Print Less
  • Lexmark Tools can help Monitor, Manage, Reduce & Control your Total Cost of Output
  • A4/A3 MFP proposition brings customer significant TCO savings
  • Technology leadership with Innovative Technologies
  • Ease of use and user friendly GUI interface improves work productivity
  • Advanced solution and sophisticated features allow future enhancement & customization to your back-end systems
  • Scalability for future expansion of customer business

About Lexmark Company

  • Lexmark International, Inc. Company (NYSE: LXK) is the US Company and the heritage of IBM.
  • Lexmark provide businesses of all sizes with a broad range of printing and imaging products, software, solutions, and services that help customers to print less and save more.
  • With the leading criteria are reliability, print quality, ease of use / setup and speed as well as minimize power consumption, Lexmark reality satisfy all requirements from you and become the best solution for professors.
  • Perceptive Software, a stand-alone software business within Lexmark, is a leading provider of enterprise content management software that helps organizations easily manage the entire lifecycle of their documents and content, simplifying their business processes, and fueling greater operational efficiency
  • Nowadays, Lexmark are sold in more than 170 countries and have approximately 57% of revenue coming from International sales.